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Suzhou Novosense Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of signal link chips and their solutions in China. It is committed to becoming an industry leader in sensor, power driver and interface chips and a leading automotive chip provider in China.

The company has independent intellectual property rights and rich IP accumulation in the fields of MEMS, high voltage isolation, mixed signal chain processing and sensor calibration. Signal conditioning chip products can meet the signal conditioning requirements of pressure, magnetic, current, silicon microphone, PIR infrared pyroelectric, infrared thermopile and other types of sensors. The products are widely used in automobile, industry, consumer electronics and other market fields.


The company provides pressure sensor chip solutions from micro pressure to medium and high pressure range to meet the market demand of automobile, household appliances, industry and other fields. In addition, nano core micro provides a variety of packaging and output forms of temperature sensing IC product portfolio, which can be used in industrial, Internet of things, home appliances, servers, consumer electronics and other temperature measurement scenarios.


Isolation and interface products are widely used in communication, new energy vehicles, industrial control, photovoltaic and other fields, which can meet the strict requirements of isolation and withstand voltage, surge, anti-interference and other parameters.

Novosense Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

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