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Xiangyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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Xiangyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., located in the Economic Development Zone of Xiangxiang City, is the largest professional R&D and production base for civilian tantalum capacitors in China. The company has more than 30 years of research and production history of tantalum capacitors. It has advanced and mature tantalum capacitor production lines and three large-scale production bases.

  The company pays attention to technological innovation and scientific and technological progress, and has extensive technical exchanges and cooperation with advanced enterprises. The company's products are mainly used in mobile communications, computers, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics and other fields, and can also meet the special needs of drilling instrumentation and other fields.

The company has always been committed to building a platform for R&D and innovation of high-tech electronic components, constantly introducing advanced talents and equipment, and expanding its products to include highly reliable niobium oxide capacitors, polymer tantalum capacitors, manganese dioxide tantalum capacitors and other products.

Xiangyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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