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Joshua CZ Wong

Assistant General Manager, Sales and Marketing 

Joshua is responsible for business development and also has the responsibility of sourcing and purchasing.​


As one of our key young, dynamic team member, Josh has in a short period of time gained an accelerated learning on the in and outs of the electronics industry, extending his network to various authorised distributors, as well as OEMs and EMS to improve the overall sourcing strength of the company

Joshua's is largely responsible for sales, which is the independent distribution portion of the business, sourcing of electronics components for the cost-saving program as well as developing new suppliers to attain competitive pricing.

Joshua holds a Bachelor's Degree in Management from University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

Contact Information

  • QQ: 2328548190

  • WeChat ID: joshwong93

  • MY Hp: +6 012-709-8857

  • SG Hp: +65 9878 1988

  • CN Hp: +86 185-9825-1687

  • Skype: live:joshua.wongcz

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