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HPE Cray XD670 H100 Configure-To-Order Server
HPE is the global edge-to-cloud company built to transform businesses by connecting, protecting, analyzing, and acting on all data and applications wherever they live. HPE is pioneering a new frontier of AI by harnessing data and gaining insights at the edge, empowering success with real-time analytical AI for automation, prediction, and control to help you realize the value of your data faster and leverage limitless opportunity for innovation, growth, and success.


Explore our diverse range of semiconductor components ideal for automotive, green industrial power, power management, sensing solutions, smart home and IoT security applications. For more information, please email to enquiry@dynamic-domain.com

Terminal Blocks & Circular Connector


Founded in 1990, is a leading manufacturer of terminal blocks and industrial electrical connection products in Asia. With UL and VDE authorized laboratories, DEGSON is a trusted high-tech enterprise.


CJT Connectors

CJT Connectors is a professional international leading manufacturer with 20 years experience. Main products are wire to board connectors, wire to wire connectors , wire harness and connector tooling/model development manufacturing.

SIC | Silicon Carbide | Schottky Diode


Global Power Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd (GPT) is a pioneering high-tech company specializing in Silicon Carbide power devices for efficient electric systems. As a leading manufacturer, GPT develops and commercializes Silicon Carbide technologies, providing semiconductor power devices and professional power-technique services worldwide.

Wafer | Analog IC | MOSFET | IGBT | Diode | OSC


Jiangsu Changjing Electronics Co., Ltd, a leading company specialized in R&D, manufacturing, and sales service of semiconductors consist of more than 5,000 product series and models which are controlled under more high-quality inspections. JSCJ was established in December 2018 and the HQ is in Jiangbei New District, Research and Development Park, Nanjing City.

Photo Coupler


NQUNXIN, established in 2018, comprises experienced team members from prominent semiconductor companies. With expertise in integrated circuit chip design, process packaging testing, and applications.

Winding Power Inductor| Multilayer Chip Inductor


Microgate was founded in 2001, was listed in the China Stock Exchange in 2012. Microgate is one of the top passive component manufacturer for Power Inductors, LTCC RF Components, SAW, RF Module, and many more.

LDO Regulator| High & Low Side Switch| CAN/LIN Transceiver


NOVOSENSE Microelectronics is a highly robust, reliable analog and mixed signal IC company. The company has been focusing on sensor, signal chain, and power management, providing comprehensive semiconductor products and solutions.

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor


Jiangsu Fala FOAI is a professional enterprise that designs and produces aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors. The company was founded in 1989. In the past 10 years, the company has continued to grow and expand, and its technical level has continued to improve.

Tantalum Capacitor

Xiang Yee

Hunan Xiangyee Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xiangxiang, Hunan Province. It is the largest professional research, development and production base of tantalum capacitors for civil use in China.

Analog | Mixed-signal


SGMicro specializes in analog and mixed-signal IC solutions, aiming to be a global leader. Focusing on industrial clients, SGMicro adapts to dynamic applications in information and communication terminals.


Our non-franchised product lines that we affiliated with and specialized in to assist our customers with their shortages and spot buy needs.